Sunday, June 14, 2009

Best Noodles of Your Life

The other day, I made these noodles. These Asian noodles that literally knocked my socks off. These noodles that I plan to make, again and again. Thank you Pam of the fabulous For The Love of Cooking. I used the dressing for the noodles exactly. But for the salad, I eliminated the chicken since I was serving it with steak. I just added snow peas, sesame seeds, 1 red and yellow bell pepper and unsalted cashews. I didn't add cilantro because I don't have a taste for it, but I'm sure it would add an extra delicious element for those who do like it.

I also made skirt steak and used PW's marinade. And it was WONDERFUL.

PW's recipe calls for flank steak, but I think skirt steak works just as beautifully. For all those who want a cheap cut of steak, skirt is your friend. Your very best friend. Your Bosom Buddy, if you will. And I have to confess something. I ate these Asian noodles for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And I'm not kidding. I almost wish I was. But looking at these pictures now, I wish there was more left. OH! And also, as I was eating my fifth bowl, I realized that these noodles are both vegetarian AND vegan. And they are an excellent source of protein (because of the cashews) as well as an excellent source of veggies. I rule.