Saturday, May 30, 2009

Chicken and Asparagus Rolls

We absolutely love sushi and sometimes we even love the sushi that non-sushi eaters eat. And that's where Dan got the idea for these fantastic chicken and asparagus rolls that we had for dinner. You won't find any raw fish here.

You start by pounding out some chicken breasts. And I start by taking pictures of my sexy boyfriend. There is just something about a man with a mallet.

Then you wrap the chicken around blanched asparagus and blah, blah, blah, I forgot to take a picture of that. Too busy sipping my sangria. Then you place the rolls on a hot grill. And let me tell you, I think he had a hell of time keeping them from falling apart. Perhaps a couple of tooth picks that had been soaking in water would have worked nicely. OH WELL!

But he persevered and they came out great. The one on the left looks like it's falling apart a little but we won't mention that.

Then we cut them into sushi size bites and dipped them in soy sauce. And then we had a St. Patty's Day party.


  1. OMG! So cute! They look delicious too! But now I wanna see you try and make real sushi!

  2. I think real sushi is pretty hard to make. You have to buy special mats and stuff. I guess it could be a fun experiment. Although, I'd much rather just order take-out from A1.

  3. Those things look god damn delicious.