Monday, April 27, 2009

BBQ Chicken and New Potato Salad

I absolutely LOVE this weather! I wore shorts and a tank top to bed last night for the first time since October and slept with only a sheet and I was in my glory. I'm really feeling this taste of summer so yesterday I made Ina Garten's new potato salad. It is my favorite potato salad ever, ever. She has come up with this excellent method of boiling the potatoes until barely fork tender and then draining them in a colander and then placing a kitchen towel over them for about 20 minutes. This steams the potatoes perfectly so they don't fall apart when you mix in the mayo and other goodness. I will never make potatoes for potato salad any other way.

We served the potato salad as a side to go along with the BBQ chicken breast Dan made on the grill and boiled green beans with garlic butter.


  1. Oh yum. I'm just going to imagine there were no onions in the potato salad and there you have the perfect meal.

  2. I would omit the onions just for you :)