Monday, April 20, 2009

French Onion Soup and Roasted Plum Tomatoes

Don't worry. No Burger King today. Instead, I thought the weather was just begging for me to make french onion soup. And I don't normally argue with the weather. I take a semi-homemade approach to french onion soup and so far it has turned out fabulously. I just saute some onions, garlic and fresh thyme in butter until the onions get nice and caramelized, then add in a can of Progresso french onion soup and about a little less than a can of beef broth. Season with plenty of pepper and bring to a boil. Then ladle into oven safe crocks (not the shoe), and cover with croutons. Then I add either a slice of Swiss cheese or use a mix of shredded baby swiss and parmesan, like I did today. Either way, the soup turns out delicious and is seriously one of the fastest meals I can make on a weeknight.

And oh yeah, I had some plum tomatoes that I didn't want to go bad so I seasoned them with some olive oil and chopped garlic and baked them in the oven for about 3o minutes then topped them with some fresh basil. Really, really tasty. I am obsessed lately with roasted tomatoes so expect more pictures to come. Plus, I'm so excited because I just bought a basil plant today at the supermarket. I hope my cat doesn't eat it but I guarantee she will.


  1. Kyla would devour those tomatoes.

    I'm not a French Onion soup fan because of Hello! the onions. You know how I feel about those stinky fuckers. But I like the idea of melted cheese on...just about everything. Good work.

    Hmmm...maybe put a catnip plant next to the basil? It could serve as a good distraction.

  2. Kyla likes tomatoes? I never knew.

    If I put a catnip plant next to my basil, I may get mixed up and end up putting catnip on my mozzarella and tomato. Hilarity would surely ensue!