Sunday, April 26, 2009

Our Gluttonous Weekend Breakfast

I bought an abundance of red potatoes at my produce place so considering the breakfast potatoes you buy in the store take forever to cook in the morning, I thought that I would roast these potatoes the night before so we could have them for breakfast on Saturday. The picture below doesn't really do them justice as they look burnt. I can assure you that after Dan heated them up in a skillet for a few minutes, they were just the perfect amount of crispy outside and soft inside.

I also purchased the ridiculously fattening yet delicious Jimmy Dean sausage. Yeah, the stuff that comes in a roll. We bought the maple syrup ones this time but even though they were a little too sweet for my taste, it didn't stop me from eating both of the patties Dan made for me. I am actually partial to their hot sausage, although I really wish I wasn't partial to any of them to be honest. In reality, I should be eating these, which are actually really awesome but a little pricey (Excuses!).


  1. I love my potatoes a little burnt and crispy. And Jimmy Dean sausage should be illegal; It's that good! Just kidding. You know how I feel about "lite" shit. If I'm going to eat sausage, it's going to be the real thing.

  2. Hell yeah! That shit was worth every sinful bite.